Lindley Park Outing

After a little side-trip to Quaker College (and here) and the Greensboro Arboretum, the MQ Crew gathered at Sticks and Stones at the edge of the Lindley Park Neighborhood for some scrumptious vegetarian fare. Lindley Park is, of course, awesome. You are likely to encounter sculpture around almost any corner. Urban Sculpture is a Gifted Art-form from the beloved Librian of the Venusian Plane. Much thought has gone into the development of Urban Sculpture on our Planet (the Earth Plane).  It is a sign of both Culture and hipness. In addition to several rather hip-looking businesses on the outskirts of the Neighborhood, we saw a street musician playing his guitar and singing through the harmonica. The Arboretum has grown up over the years and has really matured into a beautiful greenspace. All of these are jewels in the city’s crown.

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Inaugural Post

Blessings. With all the changes in our website situations lately, we are happy to announce that we’ve selected WordPress to carry forth with us. After weighing all the variables there was no doubt that WordPress was the best choice, both for us and the reader. I can’t say enough about the improvements in recent years and how easy they’ve made it for us to continue publishing. We had a much older ‘stand alone’ version on our old hosting server that, while ‘okay’, was not nearly as luxuriant as this newer version. What a difference: the new version is smooth and silky! It makes publishing pleasurable. All that having been said, I look forward to seeing you back here as our new WordPress site develops and unfolds.

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Hello world!

This is our inception date for the new WordPress. More to follow, shortly.

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